Harley Davidson motorcycle training in China

A glimpse beyond the ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’


At the present moment it may seem difficult to picture what our businesses will look like after the current situation is over. We know there are days when the light seems to be either a very long way away, or it seems to have faded a bit! But there is light at the end of the tunnel… Please read on!


The motorcycle experience opens first commercial motorcycle training course

Fuzhou China – 8th May 2020


We thought that we would keep you up to date with some developments which may turn up the brightness for you.


Following a move out of lockdown, and a return to some form of normality, China is getting their industry, retailers, and services back on track. As part of this return to normality, Motorcycle dealerships are re-opening for business and the customers are coming in through the doors.


As well as retail locations, specialist services are also starting up again, and The Motorcycle Experience has been part of this process, overseeing the first Motorcycle Training Instructor course of 2020 to be run in the country. This is being run ahead of the anticipated opening of all our partner motorcycle training centres across China at the start of June.


This weekend saw 4 new Instructors commence their training in Fuzhou with our qualified Instructor trainers.


Our partner in China, Alex Choy has been getting the course ready over the past months and the lifting of restrictions across China has given us the chance to start the process of putting new instructors in place at some of our 10 operational locations.


Motorcycle training is a vital tool in fueling the burgeoning motorcycle sector in China


The motorcycle experience will oversee Motorcycle Training courses, and dedicated Motorcycle training road shows, re-commencing in china in june.


As we all manage our lives and businesses in this period of lockdown it is positive for us to look to the only location in the world that has been through the uncertainty of Coronavirus and appears to have come out the other side, and is at a point where normal life can start to resume. China is looking optimistically forward, and our partners believe that the way to respond to the past months of isolation and restriction is to create a new environment where businesses can resume and, hopefully, thrive.


The team at The Motorcycle Experience felt that this was a positive story, and a clear indication of the fact that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that there is a picture of what returning to normality looks like – and we wanted to share this with you.


There will certainly be different approaches taken by businesses in the UK, and individuals will follow new guidelines and new ways of operating to maintain the safety and peace of mind for their customers – but here are the images which show that a positive picture will emerge after lockdown. We will be working at home and abroad to ensure that this is managed as safely and efficiently as possible.



11th May 2020 The Motorcycle Experience (UK) Limited